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How to stay in CONTROL!

Yesterday I told you about my visit to the Mall of America this past summer.

As I left you, I had walked by a cart that was 'staffed' by a young man whose idea of 'working' was leaning back in a chair and falling asleep.

I promised to give you a simple suggestion that can help YOU avoid a circumstance like this on YOUR cart.

If you missed yesterday's update, you can catch up at the following link:

Before I go forward, I want to say that I have found having an staff person like this is a typical cart operator's fear.

Especially if you can't BE at your cart, and this staff person is your only option.

It can be frustrating, and nerve-wracking to have someone at your cart who is not working because you know sales will come to screeching halt. Would-be customers walk right by. Folks that DO stop are not properly helped.

So how do you remain in CONTROL in a situation like this?

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#1 suggestion: Keep Hiring.

A lot of cart and kiosk operators will stop looking for staff members the moment they feel they are 'set.'

The problem comes in when a staff person doesn't work out. Someone doesn't show up on time. They don't work hard. They leave the cart.....

If you don't have anyone ELSE to step in at that moment, you're stuck. You have turned over all your POWER to this temporary employee.

Now suppose you DO keep hiring, and one of your current staff members steps out of line?

You've done your best to train and motivate them, and they still don't shape up.

You simply replace them. Or reduce their hours.

But you HAVE TO have someone READY to step in. Otherwise that staff person KNOWS you don't have any other options. If you keep hiring, and have someone ready, you are in CONTROL.

And, it's a much better feeling to be in control of a situation like this.

Another benefit of continuing to hire: The good employees you have....the ones that LIKE their job, and generally tend to DO a good job....

...will work even HARDER if they know you have someone to replace them, if necessary.

They care about their job, and don't want to lose it.

So, even if you have a generally good staff, it pays to continue hiring.....if only to motivate your good ones.

But more on this tomorrow!

The lesson for the day. Keep Hiring! And stay in CONTROL! :-)

Brady Flower

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