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How to Hear Back from Your Leasing Rep

Dear Friend,

She dug in her heels.

"I shouldn't have to call more than once!"

This woman called me because she was having problems hearing back from her leasing rep at the mall.

She'd called three weeks prior, and still hadn't heard back. And this was from a leasing rep she'd worked with before. 

I asked if she'd called the leasing back when she didn't get a response initially...  

That's when she almost lost it...

"I shouldn't have to call more than once!" she snapped.

I could hear the frustration her voice

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Oh boy... I've been there. 

It's frustrating not to hear back from your leasing rep.

And perhaps it's even more frustrating not knowing IF or WHEN you're going to hear back.

But I learned a long time ago that there is only one person that creates the reality I experience. That's the person I look at in the mirror everyday.

You create your reality. I create mine.

A while back, I decided I didn't want to experience frustration and stress when it came to hearing back from leasing reps.

What I wanted was to experience was talking to them about whatever opportunity I had in mind. And then deciding what to do about it.

Out of that frustration, I came up with a simple process I use to hear back from leasing reps. It works almost 100% of the time. Here's how the process works:

Step 1:  Call the mall office. Ask to speak with the leasing rep. If they pick up, you're in business.

If they're not available, leave a message. Follow-up that phone message with an email. Always. Always!

In the email explain why you called.  The reason for the email is that it gives the leasing
rep another method for communicating with you.

They can call or email you back!

(One time, a leasing rep emailed me back at 4:30 in the morning.  An odd time maybe. But I got the info I was looking for)

Step 2: If you haven't heard back within a day or a day and a half... call back again. 

If they're not available, leave a message. And follow-up with another email. Most reps will get back to you in a timely fashion... within a day or so.

However... it's when you don't hear back within a couple of days that frustration can start to set in.  Don't let it!  If you haven't heard back, just move on to step three....

Step 3: If you haven't heard back from the rep after another day or so, call the mall office. Get the name and email address of  the mall manager.

Send a nice email to the mall manager to let them know what you're interested in doing. 

Explain that you've called the leasing rep a couple of times... and emailed them.. and haven't heard back.

Ask the manager to direct you to the right person to speak with. 

Copy the leasing rep in on this email.

(Be nice.)

Almost always I hear back from somebody at this point.

A few times, I've heard back from the leasing rep within a few minutes after sending this email.  This is more likely to happen if the leasing rep has been dragging their feet. 

More often in this situation, I'll get a response that reads something like this...

"So and so has been out on maternity leave. They'll be out for a few weeks.  Here's the person to talk to..."; or...

"So and so is out of town at a conference. They won't be back until Monday. Could I have them contact you then?"; or...

In the case of this woman that was calling me....

"So and so doesn't work here anymore.  Someone else is filling in.  Can I have you talk with them..."

The leasing rep didn't work at the mall anymore.

This woman was frustrated at not hearing back... from someone who didn't work at the mall anymore....

Once she found out, she connected with person filling in.

Within two days she had herself a deal.

Which is what she wanted to begin with.

What reality do YOU want to experience?

If you want to talk with your leasing rep, don't let not hearing back right away frustrate you.

Remind yourself of the reality you want to create for yourself. Then follow-up in a professional manner. It's more than likely you'll end up hearing back in a timely fashion.

And it's more than likely that you'll end up creating the reality you really want to experience. 


Brady Flower

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