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How to Avoid 'Half-Cart' Syndrome

Dear Friend,

I got an email last week from a woman who's been getting my newsletter for a year and a half.

She just finished opening her fourth year-round cart last month in Puerto Rico, and has been opening a cart every two months since October

She's turning quite a profit now.

But it wasn't always the case.

When she first contacted me a year and a half ago at Xmas, she was in the midst of making a huge mistake.

I wanted to tell you about it... in hopes that you avoid making the same mistake...

Here's what happened...

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When she first contacted me, she said she'd opened two concepts for the holidays. And it
wasn't going well for her.

I assumed from her email that she she had two carts open.

So when we spoke on the telephone, first thing I asked was how each cart was doing?

She hesitated a moment. Then told me that she only had ONE cart open... with TWO concepts on it.

She'd put both concepts on the same cart.

She had what I call 'Half-Cart' Syndrome.

'Half-Cart' disease is when you put two disparate concepts on the same cart.

People try 'Half-Cart' set-ups for a variety of reasons:

Some put two concepts on the same cart so they have a 'fall back' product in case one 'doesn't work'.

Others put two concepts on the same cart so that they've got 'something for everyone'.

Very rarely do these 'schemes' work. Let me explain why...

When a customer walks by your cart, they don't always know what it is you're selling before they stop.

But for them to stop, they usually at least need to be able to look at your cart and identify... THAT... is what you're selling.

They don't need to know what THAT does.

Or even how THAT works.

But they need to be able to point at THAT. And to be able to visually identify... THAT... is what you're selling.

When you've got more than one disparate concept on your cart... and a customer walks by... they have no idea whether it's THIS or THAT that you're selling.

In the moment... they get confused.

Ever heard the saying... "A confused mind says no?"

Well... a confused mall shopper simply walks right by.

You don't even get a CHANCE to sell to them...

That's not even the worst of it. Suppose a customer actually DOES stop...

Because you've got more than one concept on your cart, your staff waits for THEM to identify which concept they're interested in.

Of course the customer doesn't really know either.

So you've got a passive customer... who has no idea what you're selling.

And a passive sales rep... who waits for your customer to identify what it is they want.

Passive Customer + Passive Sales Rep = No Sales.

Or very few sales.

At most, I've found you end up with about a quarter of the sales you could generate if you focused on one concept or the other alone.

The good news is that the 'remedy' for 'Half-Cart' disease is pretty simple.

Pick ONE concept. Focus on that. And sell that one concept the way it's supposed to be sold.

If you find yourself with two concepts on your cart, get one OFF as soon as possible.

Then... put all your focus on selling that one product or concept the way it's supposed to be sold.

The woman on my list overcame the 'Half-Cart' Syndrome, and now she's making a bunch of money.

Do you want to make money too?

When you open a mall cart, pick one concept... ideally a proven one... and focus on THAT concept.



Brady Flower

P.S. Are you looking for a proven SUMMER concept?

Next, I'm going to send out a profile of a proven summer concept. (Margins of nearly a hundred to one!)

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