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Where the "Good Stuff" Is

This past summer, I attended something called the Point Guard College... ...which is kind of like a basketball camp, but much more intense.    

For those of you unfamiliar with basketball, the 'Point Guard' is usually the 'leader' on the court....the one who handles the basketball most often...and often the smallest player on the team.    

The Point Guard College was five days long....five hours in the classroom and five hours in the classroom per day...with me just trying to KEEP UP with 100 high school and college athletes HALF my age.   

The person who runs the Point Guard College is a woman named Dena Evans.    

Now when most of us think of basketball players, we think of skyscrapers'...really TALL people.    

But Coach Evans is only 5' 4'...short even for a woman basketball player.

And I'm sure a lot of the athletes walking into the first session wondered how much this 'tiny' 5' 4' woman could really teach them about basketball. Well, it took about five minutes for her to reel off her background....    

....three college final four performances at Virginia;    

....10 years of playing professional basketball in the US and overseas; and

....a spot on the US National team in a non-Olympic year (the shortest player to make the team in fifty years.)    

Then you start to think, "Wow, if she could do all that at 5' 4', she must be pretty special!" And then it took only about another five minutes before you realized she probably had more basketball knowledge in her little pinkie than the rest of us in the room had combined.

One of the first things she said was, as a Point Guard, and a leader on the basketball court....you want to always 'HUNT THE PAINT'. The 'PAINT' refers to the area inside the 'free throw' line. Or more simply put, it's the area CLOSE to the basket.    

The reason a good Point Guard always wants to 'Hunt the Paint'  she said, is because, as she put it..... '....that's where most of the GOOD STUFF in basketball happens.'    

When you are CLOSE to the basket, your shots are shorter. It's almost always easier to make a SHORT shot than it is to make a long shot. When you are close to the basket, and you are taking SHORT, easy shots, it is almost always easier to SCORE.        

Makes sense, right?    

So.....what does this have to with running a successful Mall Cart or Kiosk?

Brady Flower has FREE Kiosk Profit tips for you!

I get asked ALL THE TIME by new cart or kiosk operators for advice for great 'year-round' products in the mall.    

My first question back is usually, 'What are you doing for the HOLIDAYS?'


The HOLIDAY season to a cart or kiosk operator, is kind of like the PAINT to a basketball point guard. The HOLIDAY season is when 'most of the GOOD STUFF happens' at the mall....especially for a cart of kiosk operator.        

As a cart or kiosk operator, you want to 'HUNT' for opportunities during the holidays first.

It is during the HOLIDAY season that mall traffic increases. It is during the HOLIDAY season that customer buying mentality becomes much greater. 

It is during the HOLIDAY season that people are actively LOOKING for new and unique things to buy as gifts, that you can provide from your mall cart or kiosk! It is during the HOLIDAYS season that is almost always easiest to make a PROFIT with your mall cart or kiosk.    

It is during the HOLIDAYS you are taking the SHORT shot, the SURE shot, the EASY shot.

Can you do well selling products on a year round basis from a cart or kiosk in the mall? 

Yes, you sure can.    

Just like athletes in basketball often make shots that come from outside the paint....outside shots, or long-range shots. But here's the thing....    

It is usually HARDER to make an long, outside shot than it is to make short, inside shot. You need to be more experienced, and more practiced to make those outside shots (or simply get lucky.) And even players that are experienced know you want to FIRST try to get an EAST, SHORT shot if available.

In MOST situations, it is MORE of a challenge to operate a wildly PROFITABLE mall cart or kiosk on a year-round basis, than during the holidays. The holiday cart is generally the EASY, SHORT shot that gives you the BEST chance to SCORE!

That's why even if you are an experienced cart or kiosk operator, I usually suggest FIRST thinking about what you can do during the holidays. And if you ARE a first-time operator.....and don't have a lot of experience or practice in this business?    

It's easy:    

Hunt the Paint!    

Take the short, sure shot FIRST!    

LOOK for opportunities to sell at the mall during the holidays FIRST! And, give yourself the BEST chance of SUCCESS.

It's the HOLIDAY season when most of the GOOD STUFF at the mall happens!    

All the best,    

Brady Flower

P.S. For more details on how to start a mall cart or kiosk, consider purchasing the 'Ultimate Guide to Specialty Retail - How to Start a Cart, Kiosk or Store' at: http://www.kioskexpert.com/products.htm

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