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Get What You Want

Dear Friend,

'I am not very outgoing and find myself being uncomfortable talking to people...'

'I don't feel comfortable doing it...'

'It's just not me!'

These are quotes from actual emails that I received this past weekend.

The essence of each email was as follows:

'I've opened a cart selling a demonstration product. I realize I have to talk to customers to be successful.

But I don't feel comfortable doing it. It's just not who I am.

How do I succeed and just be myself?'

Here's the hard truth: In order to succeed, sometimes we HAVE to do things that aren't totally comfortable with.


I registered for a triathlon this upcoming January. 

I tell myself the main reason I registered is to stay in shape.  But I really want to
win the thing.  And believe I can.

But there are some things I have to do to win that aren't real comfortable for me. 

I don't like to get up early. I have to in order to train.

I am not particularly fond of swimming.

I don't like long distance bike rides.

This morning when my alarm rang at 4:30 am... I had a choice. Do I roll over and go back to bed?  Or get up and get started? 

My first inkling EACH and EVERY morning is to roll over and go back to sleep. That would feel soooo good. But before I do that, I ask my self... what is it I REALLY want?

I want to win that damn thing.  I want stay in shape.  I want the sense of accomplishment that will come along with winning.

Instead of rolling over and going back to sleep... here's what I did... and do
every morning:

I take a few minutes there in bed to VISUALIZE the outcome I want.

Then, I IMAGINE what it will FEEL like if I get what I want.

I IMAGINE what it will feel like to be in the best shape of my life, physically strong
and powerful.

I IMAGINE the sense of satisfaction I'll get from achieving my goal.

I'm leaving on for a two week course the afternoon after the race... so...

I IMAGINE what it will feel like to step on that plane to Orlando after winning.

I IMAGINE what it will be like to be with my girlfriend while in that physical and
mental state.... and so on...

Get the picture?

I keep imagining until I REALLY get the feeling...

.... then I ask myself...

'What do I have to do NOW to get what it is I want?' And then I get started. 

    - Get up.

    - Go to the bathroom.

    - Flip on 'Rocky' music.

    - Hit kitchen for quick snack.

    - Slip on sweats.

    - Out door... and.... off to the gym.

If you find yourself faced with a task that you are not initially comfortable
with, here is a simple formula...

.... ask yourself:

What is it you REALLY want?

VISUALIZE the outcome you want.

IMAGINE how it will feel once you achieve it.

ASK yourself, what do I have to do NEXT to get it. 

And then get on with it.

You'll find the stronger you can VISUALIZE what you want.... and the stronger you can IMAGINE how you will feel once you get it... the stronger your MOTIVATION will be to overcome any obstacle you find in your way.

(Even if you find that obstacle is youself!)

Get the picture?

Go to it!

Brady Flower
The Kiosk Expert

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