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Get What You Want
From Your Leasing Rep

Dear Friend,

One of my coaching clients asked me to call the leasing rep at his mall last week.

He's already open with a cart at the mall.  And he wanted to open a new kiosk.

But he wasn't getting anywhere with the rep on this new kiosk concept.  She told him she wasn't interested in the concept he had in mind...

Now this was a desirable concept, one that just about every mall is striving to have.

He didn't understand.  So he asked me to call.

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After playing phone tag with the rep for a couple of days... I finally got a chance to speak with her.

Among other things, I asked her why she wasn't interested in having this concept in the mall.

"We don't do kiosks in this mall."

I asked if it was a space issue; the kiosk company had a design that fit in the footprint of a cart...

"No... that's not it... we just don't do kiosks..."


So... I explained that the concept got started on a cart... and did well off of a cart...

How about that?


Then she spoke...

"I've been getting calls from people every day wanting to open this kiosk.  Not ONE person has talked to me about operating off of a cart..."


Turns out she was very open to the idea of this concept on a cart.

After we got off the phone, I called my client. And explained where the leasing rep was at.

There's a good chance that if my client goes back and talks to the rep about operating this concept off of a cart... he'll have himself a deal.

Which is what he wants.

At the very least, he'll jump to the front of the line of people she'll consider.

That's because he'll be talking to the leasing rep about what she wants first.

That's a 'secret' for getting what you want from your leasing rep.

Talk in terms of what THEY want first.

Let me give you an example of how to put this into practice next time you talk with your leasing rep.

Try asking one of the following questions:

"What concept do you WANT in the mall,  but don't currently HAVE in the mall?"


"What concept did you want in the mall last Christmas, but didn't have in the mall last Christmas?"

I ask these questions EVERY time when talking with a new leasing rep... EVERY time...

Sometimes they'll answer with an off-the-wall concept.

If that's the case, I respond, "How interesting", and move on.

But often they'll suggest a concept that's been profitable in 100 other malls.... but just hasn't made it to THIS mall.

There's an opportunity...

And believe me.. the leasing reps are a lot more willing to work with you when you bring in a concept they've been looking for.

Sometimes they'll go OUT OF THEIR WAY to help you out. Isn't that what you want?

Simple rule in getting what you want from your leasing rep.

Find out what they want. Then talk in terms of what they want. You'll be more likely to get what you want!


Brady Flower

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