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Fully Sell Your Customers!

Dear Friend,

In my last update, I suggested a technique for converting the 'Thoughtful Shopper.'

The 'thoughtful shopper' is a customer that is sincerely interested in your product, but isn't quite ready to buy at that moment.

The technique... or trick if you like... involves tying a little piece of yarn on the customer's finger that helps draw the them back to your cart.

If you missed that update, you can read it here:

Last  week, I spoke with one of my newsletter subscribers about this yarn technique.  He was unsure whether he wanted to use it.

His concern was that his salespeople might rely too heavily on the yarn technique to bring customers back to the cart, and not actually sell to his customers.

It's a valid concern...

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The yarn technique is not meant as an alternative for selling or closing your customers. 

It's best used AFTER you've given your best effort to sell the customer, perhaps even pushed them a bit...

Only THEN do you pull out the yarn. Release the tension.  And offer the customer an incentive to come back.

You still have to sell your customer!

In my first couple of seasons in the mall at Christmas, there was another distributor in the next mall over... selling the same line of heat packs.

At first I was a bit concerned that the distributor in the next mall over might 'steal' some business from our cart.  It turned out we didn't have to worry at all.  We found that his presence actually HELPED our sales quite a bit.

See... the salespeople at the cart in the next mall over weren't so well disciplined. They didn't stick closely to the proven sales script.  They'd often cut it short, and failed to really 'close' customers.

As a result, a lot of customers that really liked the product, walked away from their cart because they didn't get the full pitch. They weren't ever really fully sold. 

Now... occasionally... those customers would find their way to our mall, and our cart. 

My staff and I quickly learned that these customers were like an untapped gold mine. 

These customers were really interested in the product. But since they hadn't been fully sold, they weren't quite ready to pull out their credit card. We found it took only a minimal effort to actually close the sale with these customers....

We'd most often just ask two questions...

"Did they explain about the warranty?"... No.

"Did they tell you about the pouch?".... No.

These were the last two points in our five minute script.

As we quickly found out, the folks at the next mall rarely ever got that far in the presentation. Almost always, we found these customers extremely interested in hearing about these points...

We'd explain about the warranty. We'd explain about the pouch. Then we'd put the heat pack back on their body...

"Ooooohhhh"... "Aaaaaaahhhhh"... "That feels nice!"

That almost always was enough to close them. And it was easy.

The salespeople at the next mall over prepped these customers for the sale. Then we finished the job.

These customers would have returned back to the other mall if they'd been fully sold to begin with. But because they hadn't been, the door was opened for us!

Sometimes at the end of the sale, these customers would actually pull out the little piece of yarn they'd been given at the other cart.

"Can we still get the deal? "  Of course!

We were happy close these sales.

In a way, the yarn trick I told you about last time really should be considered Part TWO of 'How to Convert the Thoughtful Shopper.'

Part One is to FULLY SELL your customer.

And this time of year... early in the holiday season... there are LOTS of 'Thoughtful Shoppers' out there. They're sincerely interested in what you've got. But not quite ready to buy yet.

When you fully sell to your customers first place, you give them a reason to come back to you.

If not, they'll end up someplace else. Maybe at my cart... I'm happy to close anybody you send my way! (But do you really want give me that chance?)

Want to maximize your sales this holiday season?

Fully Sell Your Customers!

Brady Flower


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