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Four Ways to Fund the Start-Up of
Your Mall Cart or Kiosk

Dear Friend,

One issue that has been coming up a lot lately has been how to fund the start-up of your cart or kiosk.

How MUCH it takes to start up a holiday cart or kiosk can vary based upon the product you are selling and the mall you are opening at.

If you are wondering how much money it takes to get open, you might want to check out this past update:

I usually figure it's going to take about $15K to get started, give or take a bit depending upon the requirements of the specific mall and product you choose.

When I was opening my first cart, I didn't have the $15K my supplier said that I needed to get open. Not even half.

Once I made the decision to open, I had to come up with rest... or there would have been no opening. I ultimately got the money from a mixture of the following four sources...

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1) Cash on Hand

When I was first opening, I had a little less than seven grand saved up.  Just under half what I needed.

Certainly it was a start. But it was not nearly enough. So I had to look elsewhere.

Cash you have on hand is typically the most sure source of funds for your start-up. It can be in the form of savings, or business reserves. Either way. As long as you've got it.

Now, if you don't have to have it all in cash, here are some other places to look...

2) Credit Cards

I know some folks who routinely use credit cards to cover the full amount of their start-up costs. 

They use their cards for everything. Supplies. Inventory. Sometimes even mall rent.

Because the return on your money can come pretty quick during the holidays, folks often pay back what they owe, before owing any interest!

At the time I made the decision to open my first cart, I didn't even have a credit card. So I immediately applied for one. And was approved.  For a whopping $1000 credit limit!

Credit's a bit easier to get these days. If you have a solid credit history, cards can be an easy way to cover your start-up costs.

3) Friends and Family

Another source of funds for many people can be money lent to you from friends or family.  A lot of us know people that will help us out when we are starting a new venture.

For example, my 'little' brother had some money packed away in his 401K plan that he wasn't really using.  He withdrew some money temporarily.  And lent me about half what I needed.

In return, I gave him a percentage of my profits. And paid him back in enough time for him to get the funds back in his account without being penalized.

If you are short of the funds needed for start-up, let people around you know what you are doing, and what you need. Often, someone will step forward and offer to help.

4) Bank Loan

Credit from your local bank can be another source of funds that is readily available in many situations. 

Although traditional bank 'business' loans can be time-consuming to apply for, many banks have all sorts of creative programs that make it much easier to borrow the funds you might need...

Checking Account Credit Lines, Home Equity Loans, Business Credit Lines...

For example, the bank where I opened my business checking account had a 'business credit line' available. I applied, and was approved. It really wasn't much different than a
credit card, except that the bank wanted me to use checks to access the funds.

As I recall, I don't think I actually ever used the credit line. But it was nice to have as a 'back-up' source in case the funds were actually needed.

These are four traditional sources you can draw from in order to fund the start up your cart or kiosk business:

1) Cash On Hand
2) Credit Cards
3) Friends and Family
4) Bank Loans

Now, if you are in a situation where you don't have the cash you need on hand, you don't have credit available, and you don't have friends or family with the funds available... you have to be a little more creative.

In my next full update, I'll share with you another way to get access to start-up funds that IS more creative.  And it's available to just about anyone!

If you are looking for funds to get open, keep your eyes peeled for my next full update!


Brady Flower

P.S. Are you thinking of opening a holiday cart or kiosk, but don't know what's involved?

Register for my free, seven day mini e-course on 'How to Open Your Own Mall Cart or Kiosk Business.'

It'll cover some of the basic issues you need to take into account when starting your first cart or kiosk.  You can register here:


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