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Creating Emotion in the Sale

Dear Friend,

In my last couple of emails, I've shared with you how I went about creating a scripted selling process at my Wood Roses cart at Valentine's Day.

In the last two emails, I shared with you the first two of three key elements in making a sale... Building Like and Respect... and Establishing Logic and Reason. 

Today's article is about the third, and final key element in making a sale... Creating Emotion.

Almost everyone I talk to would agree: customers buy primarily based upon Emotion.

However, it's one thing to KNOW that a customer buys based upon emotion.

It's entirely different to know WHAT the emotional hot button is for your product. And to know how to GET your customers routinely to that emotional point.

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With my Valentine's Day Wood Roses cart, I had no idea what the emotional
hot button was... or how to get a customer there. It felt like such an accident when our customers actually decided to buy.

That was, until about half way through our two weeks open, when this guy stopped at our cart to get something for Valentine's Day. He wanted something, but he didn't really know what he wanted.

I explained the Logic and Reason as to why to buy, and explained why our three dozen mix - buy two dozen, get one free - was our best deal.

Then I showed him several three dozen mixes...

He was thinking. And thinking. And thinking. And then it happened.

I showed him a particular three dozen mix.

He stopped.

He pointed at the flowers.

"Oh... that looks nice. I'll take that."

Then he pulled out his credit card.

He went from thinking, thinking, thinking... to feeling... in the blink of an eye.

That 'landed'. That was the emotional point we were looking for...

"Oh.... that looks nice. I'll take that."

When the next customer stopped by, I showed them the same three color mix as the last customer. Nothing.

"Hmmm.... I don't know.... I'm not sure."

Over the next couple of days, I found that when we were able to show customers the 'right' three dozen mix... for them... they almost always bought. 

The 'right' color mix... for them... was the emotional hot button.

Once we knew what the emotion was that caused a customer to buy, our challenge was to create a process that would routinely get them there. That process is the scripting of the sale.

In this case, we needed to find a process to help our customers find the 'right' three dozen mix for them.

I noticed that when we put a dark color dozen...with a medium color... and a light color... the three dozen bouquet looked pretty good.

So we explained to customers that most people would pick a three dozen mix... with a dark, a medium, and light color mix.

Since we really only had three dark colors, I would have the customers pick out the dark color they liked best first. Then we would toggle between medium and light color options... until the customer hit that emotional hot point.

At which point thinking would stop.  Feeling would begin. And the customer would pull out their credit card. Once we 'got' it, it was all pretty simple.

The impact on our sales that came from us Creating Emotion in our customers seemed almost magic. 

We had our third best-selling day on the Saturday after Valentine's Day. We sold about three times as much as the first Saturday that we were open.

There wasn't any greater demand on the part of our customers... or any increase in traffic. We were simply much better at selling.

When you Create Emotion in your customers, you'll sell more. Sometimes a lot more. 

And there's another benefit to you too.

When you integrate all three elements of the sale into your selling process... you'll feel more in control. You'll actually BE more in control.

You'll walk into the mall knowing you are going to sell that day.  Not wondering. 

It's a very comforting feeling to KNOW you are going to sell... rather than to hope you are going to sell.

Build Like and Respect.
Establish Logic and Reason.
Create Emotion.

The three elements of a sale.

Integrate them into what you do and take
control of your sales beginning immediately.


Brady Flower


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