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How Much Does It Cost
to Start a Mall Cart?

Dear Friend,

'How much does it cost to start a mall cart business?' 

One of the big advantages of a mall cart business is that the start-up costs are extremely low compared with many traditional businesses.

You can often be up and running for a fraction of what it would cost to start-up a franchise, or a standard brick and mortar store.

Typically there are three major expenses you incur when starting up your cart:

a) Rent; b) Inventory; and c) Miscellaneous Expenses.

There is another major expense you incur AFTER you are open. That's your staffing. This expense is mainly incurred after you are open. Not at start-up.

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Here is what you can expect from these three major expenses
at start-up.

1) Starting Inventory.

A typical starting inventory might run you $5K, give or take a few thousand... depending on the product.

You generally need enough inventory to stock your cart, and see you through the first couple of weeks of sales.

Sometimes you can get by with less when you first open... if you are on a shoestring budget. But you are best off having on hand what you need.

2) Rent and Security Deposit.

Your mall will typically ask you for a security deposit and first month's rent before you open for business.

The security deposit might range anywhere from $500 to a few thousand dollars.

The actual rent is entirely dependent upon the mall. A month's rent - January through October - can range from $1000 to $4000 per month.

Holiday rents are generally much higher. If you are opening for the holidays, you'll need to plan for higher expense.

3) Miscellaneous Costs.

This covers everything else you need to start up...

For example... the expense incurred to create and build a display for your cart. A cash register and credit card machine. Phone line and insurance. Advertising for staff. Shopping bags. Basic office supplies.

A few thousand dollars is generally sufficient to cover these expenses - unless the circumstances are extra-ordinary.

It's also helpful to have some extra cash on hand to cover expenses you might incur during the first few weeks you are open.

Have you been thinking about starting your own mall cart business?

For $15K or less - perhaps just a little more during the holidays - you can get started with your own mall cart business. 

Of course... what you do with your profits are up to you!

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Brady Flower

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