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'Bump' Up Your Holiday Sales

Dear Friend,

Here's a quick tip for increasing your sales.

It comes by way of one of my readers, one who called me this morning...

He told me about something simple at the register he does to increase the size of nearly each sale at his cart.

I've done it before, and it works great.  I wanted to pass it on to you...

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This operator told me how once he has a customer at the register...

"Before I finish ringing them up... I'll stop... and ask..."

"'Can think of anyone else on your list this would make a good gift for...?'"

"'Cause if you can... here's what I can do for you... '"

"Then I offer them a deal if they buy more."

"Almost every customer takes me up on it."

"'Can think of anyone else on your list this would make
a good gift for...?'"

A question like this is commonly called a 'Bump' or 'Add-on' question.

'Add-on' or 'bump' questions are typically asked AFTER a customer has already committed to a purchase.

It's simply another way of asking, 'Do you want more?'

Add-on questions can mean thousands of extra sales to a typical cart or kiosk operator.

Customers are LOOKING to find gift ideas for more than one person.

Your product might fit the FIRST person they thought of. How many other people on their list might it fit?

The only way to know for sure is to ask!

A simple way to increase your sales is to consistently and systematically ask 'add-on' questions EACH and EVERY time your customer make a purchase.

When you and your staff ask 'bump' or 'add-on' questions, you will be pleasantly surprised by how many customers take you up on the offer!

It can make a HUGE difference on your bottom line!


Brady Flower

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