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A Simple Step You Can Take to
Boost Staff Performance...

Dear Friend,

Today, when I was writing an email to my adult rec league basketball team, I was reminded of a SIMPLE step that almost ANY cart and kiosk entrepreneur can take to get BETTER performance from their staff.

I send occasional emails to my adult basketball league team. These emails include recaps of our games, reminders of future games, and sometimes tips for playing better.

The emails are fun for me to write, and interesting for the players on my team.  When I am out of town, or get too busy to send those, I HEAR from my teammates how much they MISS getting those occasional emails.

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In the same manner that communicating with my basketball league teammates helps create a stronger team.....

.....communicating regularly with your CART or KIOSK staff can be SIMPLE way to create a stronger sales team.

About five years ago I started the practice of sending a (nearly) nightly email to my entire cart staff. It would take me only about five minutes each evening to send these emails....

....and some of these emails were pretty cheesy.

But I would send one ALMOST every night.

Sometimes I would tell a short STORY about something that happened at one of the carts. 

Sometimes I would offer a SALES tip. Other times I would RECOGNIZE an outstanding EFFORT of the day, or address an ISSUE that came up that day.

And at times, I would just send a short email to let my staff know how much I APPRECIATED their efforts.

It probably took me about five minutes a night to send those (nearly) nightly emails...

....and it was worth every minute.

Those simple emails helped create a better trained staff......they helped quickly communicate important information....and helped create a stronger team!

Communicating regularly with your staff  - no matter HOW you do it - will help CAUSE your staff to PERFORM better.

Sending regular EMAILS is a simple, low-cost step that you can take to communicate with your cart or  kiosk staff - a step that will get them to perform better!.

Large companies do it. Rec league basketball teams do it. :-)

How about you?  Do you do it?

Be Profitable!

Brady Flower

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