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About Brady Flower

Brady Flower has spent the last ten years in the mall cart industry. He started and ran his first Comfort Zone cart in a suburb of Minneapolis, Minnesota in the mid-1990's selling reusable heat and massagers.

In his first Christmas selling season, Flower ran the highest selling cart in his mall, and the highest selling Comfort Zone cart in the United States.

The following season, Flower expanded into five locations via partners, and broke the Comfort Zone National sales record for a single cart.

Flower's success at running his carts led the the Comfort Zone National office
to ask him to help train their dealers nationally.

Flower created and ran a series of "Boot Camp" Sales Training Sessions in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. Per cart sales increased over 50% the following holiday season, and dealer retention increased fourfold.

Brady Flower also created the Comfort Zone "Affiliate" Marketing program, which nearly
doubled the Comfort Zone dealer base in less than six months. That success
was profiled by supermarketer Jay Abraham.

Flower has operated sold different products successfully through carts in the mall
on a seasonal and year round basis.

Flower is a highly regarded speaker in the Specialty Retail Industry, both in the
United States and Internationally. Since 2002 has taught the ONLY ongoing public
seminar, "Start and Run Your Own Mall Cart or Kiosk "