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How to Create Big Success

Dear Friend,

Earlier today I had a meeting at a local mall, and as I walked out, one of those big back-lit signs in the mall caught my attention.

The headline on the sign read "Dream BIG" in big white letters, against a bright red background.

The sign reminded me of a story I heard at a seminar I attended this past weekend in Tampa. The speaker, Matt Furey, was a national champion wrestler in college, and a world champion martial artist.

He's gone on to become a millionaire many times over selling his fitness books and courses. I was excited to hear him talk, because I'd bought and used his courses.

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When he walked into the room, I was shocked at his how big... or should I say how small he was. I had pictured him as a big 'Hulk Hogan' type of guy. In reality he was about 5' 9".  Or my size.

Within the first hour of his talk, he told us a story that explained why I might have thought of him as such a big guy. In simple terms, it was simply because he pictured HIMSELF as a big guy. But here's the story...

He told us how one time when he was training for a match in China, he heard about a local practice called creating the "Big Self". He explained that the people would actually create a mental picture in their mind of themselves being twenty feet tall.

Our mind doesn't differentiate between what's imagined and what's real.  The mind takes it all in just the same.

So when these folks created the mental picture of their 'Big Self', their mind automatically began to create a big self for real. A confident, powerful and successful self.

Matt told us that after he learned this concept, whenever he fought a bigger opponent in the ring, he would picture himself as being twenty feet tall. 

And he would picture his opponent as being only one inch tall. Then he would picture his 'Big Self' whomping all over that one inch tall opponent!

According to Matt, the concept worked so well in his fighting career, that he's continued to use it in his business career. He creates a mental picture of his 'Big Self' creating a 'Big Business'.

I bring this up because I talk with a lot of people that think of a kiosk business as a 'small business'. But that's just their mental picture of the business.

By creating that picture, they unwittingly limit their ability to create a bigger business. They create a mental picture of a small business in their mind. So that's what they create.

Why not create a mental picture of big business for yourself?

Just last night I had a conversation with a distributor that's starting his first kiosk this holiday season in Florida. Several times in our conversation, he used the word 'little' to refer to his product or to his kiosk.

Finally I stopped him. And shared with him the same story Matt Furey shared with me last weekend.

Then we took a few minutes out and I had him create a mental picture of him as his 'Big Self' creating his own Big Business. Within two minutes, he went from worried about all the details to smiling from ear-to-ear just at the thought of it.

He replaced the mental picture of himself creating a small business, with the mental picture of himself creating a big business.. And his mind immediately started the act of creating a big business.

The reason it felt so good was that the mental picture he had in his mind was finally aligned with what he actually wanted to create!

What kind of business do you want to create?  Do you dream of a small business, with small profits? Or a bigger business, with bigger profits?

Before you go to bed tonight, why not take a few moments and create a mental picture of your 'Big Self' creating the kind of business you want to create?

You will automatically begin to create the business you picture.

Get the picture?

Brady Flower

P.S. Want to learn the basics of starting your 'Big' mall kiosk or cart business?

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