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"Will You Be Prepared?"

In my last few updates, I talked about how continuing to hire throughout the holiday season can help you STAY in CONTROL of your business.

Next up, I am going to talk about how continuing to hire can create REAL opportunities for additional revenue, and profit.

In my last update, I told you how in my first season running my cart, I stopped hiring at the beginning of December, thinking I was set with my staff.

Then the 'Holiday rush' hit....the two weeks before Christmas.

I had HEARD from others how the BUYING mentality changes in the last two weeks, but I hadn't experienced it yet.

Anyway, what happened was that my BEST salesperson, Emily, had to leave during the last week before Christmas.

Because I stopped hiring at the beginning of December, I didn't have anyone to step in and replace Emily.

As a result, probably lost out on five thousand dollars in sales.

If you missed that update, you can catch up at the following

But I'll tell you.....there is an even BIGGER price I paid for my decision to not hire all the way up through Christmas.

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You see, I found that during that last two weeks, there were SO  MANY extra people in the mall - people LOOKING for things to buy as gifts.....

.....that I could have had ANOTHER three or four people working AT ALL TIMES and kept them busy.

I mean, if I could have added just a FEW more salespeople, we'd have made another TEN or TWENTY thousand dollars in sales - whether Emily was there or not!

I'd stopped hiring, and it was then too late! Keep in mind, I ALREADY had a staff of about thirty people. At our peak that holiday season, we had thirteen people working on our cart - ALL AT ONCE.

It wasn't like I didn't have people working with me.

But once the rush hit.....we could have had more....and I'd have made much more money!

You better believe the following season I continued hiring ALL the way through December!

I DID add extra salespeople during that last two weeks rush period, DID make nearly an extra twenty thousand dollars in sales as a result!

So....the choice is yours. Will YOU be prepared for the Holiday RUSH?

Keep hiring! Get some extra staff ready to throw on you cart during that last two weeks.

And see if you can't add an additional ten or twenty thousand dollars in sales as well!

Brady Flower

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