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Don't let YOUR cart be constantly at the mercy of mall traffic...

“Use the ‘Instant Traffic Attracter’, and watch your cart go from empty to packed - every single time!”

Draw a Crowd….and then draw an even BIGGER Crowd!”

Dear Friend,

Are you currently leaving it up to 'chance' as to whether or not people somehow 'magically' decide to stop at your cart?

Ten years ago, back in 1996 when I started in the mall cart business, I had a friend share with me a "trick" for drawing traffic to my cart. He didn't come up with it himself. It was a trick he learned from a little old lady who had a booth at a local craft show. And the 'trick' works, even to this day! Here's the story....

My friend was out shopping with his wife at the show. And he came across one booth that was just packed with people. His wife went to look at the products. But something else caught his attention.

While his wife talked to this little old lady, he wanted to find out why this little old lady had so many people around HER booth...and in the process discovered something I have come to call the "Instant Traffic Attracter".

What was the little old lady's secret?

This little old lady had a display made up to look like an actual chimney of a house. But it wasn't the chimney that caught his was what was coming out the top that did the trick!

What was it?

Smoke....or at least what LOOKED like smoke.

So while my friend's wife talked to the little old lady, my friend poked around and found out what was causing the smoke.

It was simply DRY ICE!

The woman had a small electric coffee pot filled with water. Then she put it inside the chimney display. And every so often would put a small block of dry ice in the pot.

Now if you know anything about dry know that when you drop a block of it in water, it creates this incredible 'smoke' effect.....sometimes it is used at Halloween for a spooky effect.

But it isn't REALLY smoke...just water vapor...and the water vapor dissipates as it hits the floor.

So anyway, my friend thought if that if dry ice could create such a crowd at the craft show...perhaps it would work the SAME way at his mall cart during Christmas.

So that holiday season, he set up a little coffee pot on the top of his display in the mall, and filled it with water....and then every half hour or so drop in another block of dry ice.

"From empty to packed....every single time!"

To this day, he still talks with amazement about what happened....

"It worked time and time again....I would visit my carts over the course of the year."

"If I got to the cart, and it wasn't packed with people, it was invariably because someone just forgot to put in the dry ice."

"So what I would do is simply drop in a block of dry ice. Then I'd back up...counting down from thirty. By the time I got to zero, the cart went from empty to packed.....every single time!"

Why does it work so well? Let me explain....

Think for just a moment about what this 'smoke' effect does. Imagine for a moment that YOU are walking through mall. All of a sudden you round a corner and there in front of you is a cart with 'smoke' rolling off of it.

What are you going to do?.............You can't help it!..............You're going to take a look!

At a basic subconscious level, deep inside of us, when anyone of us sees what we perceive to be smoke....we HAVE to pay attention to it, and make a basic it dangerous? You just can't help it!

Now once that split second has passed.....and you see a crowd of people standing around this cart....what are you most likely to do?

Of course....chances are going to go over to take a peek at what's going on!

But the days of DRY ICE are over....

Now the whole dry ice thing WAS worth it's weight in gold. I mean this trick was worth tons of extra sales for my friend, and me and my salespeople. And we went on to suggest the idea to every Comfort Zone operator in the country.

Now the dry ice worked GREAT, but it could be royal pain in the 'you know what'....

For example.....we had to get up early every three days to pick up the dry ice. We had to pay about $15 dollars a day for the dry ice. We had to have a Coleman cooler at our cart to store the dry ice. My staff would make a production out of putting on a rubber glove and dropping the dry ice in the coffee pot....and so on....

Even with all those considerations, the dry ice was MORE THAN worth it.....

...but when we heard about a little mechanism that could provide the 'smoke' effect...without the DRY ICE, and we were thrilled!

Introducing the "Instant Traffic Attracter"!

The Instant Traffic Attracter is an industrial grade 'mistmaker' unit, that produces the same effect as dry ice....but without the hassles getting up at six in the Coleman cooler...and no rubber gloves! :-)

You just fill it with water each morning, and turn it on....and watch as people stop at your cart all day long!

And trust me, it's MUCH more visually appealing than that old electric coffee pot we used to use!

The Instant Traffic Attracter

If you put the Instant Traffic Attracter on display at your cart, you WILL notice a difference in the traffic that stops.

It will help get people to LOOK and STOP at your cart. Your sales people will sell more. You will earn more. And every other cart in mall will be wondering how you are doing it.

Whether or not you favor us with an order,
let me pass on this piece of advice....

There are a few consumer model mistmakers on the market....and you could certainly try one of them on your cart....I don't know if you would save any money...perhaps a few bucks if you really look hard.

But here's why I suggest you don't settle for one of the consumer models....we've tried them all. It took us some trial and error to find what we think is the best unit on the market...see, most consumer models were simply not made for the day-after-day, continuous use we put them through at the mall.

We actually burned out four of the cheapo units one holiday season!

After doing a little research, we found out that there was ONE manufacturer in China that made these little mechanisms better than ANYONE else...

....they are the ONLY ones that offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY....that way you know it will be good season after season in the mall.

You be the judge...

The 'Instant Traffic Attracter' is simply the best unit of it's kind that we have been able to find. Here are just a few more reasons why we think the "Instant Traffic Attracter" is simply the best option for your cart:

  • It's attractive, so that the your 'Instant Traffic Attracter' easily blends into the visual merchandising plan of your cart.
  • It's heavy duty, so that it will generate enough "smoke" to be effective. (the consumer models generate less than half the mist.)
  • It has multiple mist levels so that you can adjust the mistmaking capacity to best fit the circumstance.
  • It automatically shuts off when the water level gets low....that way the water won't run too low if you get busy and forget to add water....or forget to turn it off at night!
  • It's operated by an included remote control so that it is easy to turn off when you close up your cart at night.
  • The Heavy duty mistmaking mechanism allows you to run your "Instant Traffic Attracter" all day, even during extended mall hours (most consumer models suggest you only run your unit eight hours at a time....max.)
  • The Lifetime warranty on the units means you can use your "Instant Traffic Attracter" year after year in your mall carts.

A profitable mall cart awaits you....

If you have read this far, you undoubtedly are interested in maximizing your traffic and the profits at your mall cart. So you are faced with two choices:

1. You can do nothing and hope for the best at your mall cart this upcoming season; or....

2. You can take matters into your own hands, order the "Instant Traffic Attracter", and watch the traffic at your cart....and your profits soar.

I certainly hope you go for option #2 because I think doing so will give your mall cart more traffic, more sales, and ultimately more profits.

The "Instant Traffic Attracter" is normally $69.95 plus $15 (S & H). But right now, as part of a special marketing test, you can get it for only $59.95 plus S & H, for a savings of ten dollars.

Order the "Instant Traffic Attracter" right now and save. Simply click the secure shopping cart button below. Visa and MC accepted.

(Now if you are interested in finding out how you can order your "Instant Traffic Attracter" AND put some extra cash in your pocket.....continue to read below)

The tourist that wouldn't give up...

Let me tell you one last story....

I was recently talking to another friend of mine in the cart business, and I started telling him about the "Instant Traffic Attracter".

Lo and behold he starts telling ME how HE used the same thing on HIS cart in South Florida.

Now believe me when I tell you that my ears perked up when I heard this. I had NEVER heard of anyone outside the Comfort Zone distributors using this little trick.....(except for that original little old lady, of course!)

Anyway his sales were going GREAT until....and he went on to tell day when a tourist from Venezuela stopped by, and asked him to sell the Traffic Attracter!

Now as my friend tells it, he didn't really want to sell it....but this man from Venezuela kept insisting that he wanted it....and offering more and more money until finally my friend gave in........and sold it used....with no box....for over $100!

He said afterwards his sales dropped significantly, and he didn't know took him a couple of weeks before he realized that his sales went down the day he sold his Instant Traffic Attracter!

Why not put some EXTRA cash in YOUR pocket?

Here's why I tell you this story...

If you put the "Instant Traffic Attracter" on your cart, especially during the holidays, you are GOING to have people that want to purchase it from you....heck, we had people offer us $100 for the little 'magic' electric coffee pots we used to fill with dry ice.

So, here is what I least for this season. If you want to have some on hand to sell....we are able to offer lots of 12 units for only $299....that's $25 apiece......sell 'em for $60 or $70....(or more if you want...I'll leave it up to you!)

If you want some extras on hand to sell.....order the twelve.....if not, no hard feelings.

Either way, the 'Instant Traffic Attracter' will make your life and the life of your salespeople SOOO much easier!


Brady Flower

P.S. The "Instant Traffic Attracter" will help get people to LOOK and STOP at your cart. Your sales people will sell more. You will earn more. And every other cart in mall will be wondering how you are doing it.

Instant Traffic Attracter - $59.95 plus $15 S & H

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