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How to 'Attract' Traffic

Occasionally I receive questions from you all that I think are relevant to the whole group.

Today, I wanted to answer a question I received that I think is particularly relevant:

Question:  'What's the best way to attract customers to my cart?'

Typically this time of year, the malls are FULL of potential customers.

They have their credit card in one hand, and their shopping list in the other.

The best part of operating a cart or a kiosk is that we're out in the middle and get FIRST CRACK at these customers

I mean, they don't even have to make a conscious decision to stop at our cart or kiosk....if.....and it's a big if.....if we handle the situation right.

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So, the do we attract these customers to actually stop at OUR cart or kiosk?

There is one way that beats all others....hands down!


Demonstrate your products.

Demonstrate your products, and initiate discussion.

There are SO many benefits of demonstrating your products, I cannot possibly go into them all in this update.  (Just the list alone would be overwhelming.)

Typically, ONE of the benefits of demonstrating your products is that it allows you to INITIATE discussion with prospective customers.

Now, before any of you leasing agents get up in arms....I'm NOT suggesting you hawk, or somehow pitch to the crowd. Most malls will simply not allow 'hawking' or 'pitching' the crowd as it passes by.

But a courteous, 'Hi....(wait for acknowledgment)...have you seen this yet?' is one of the BEST ways to attract people to your cart or kiosk.


Because YOU control how many people YOU talk to.  Simply put, the more people you talk to, the more you will sell. 

Now, what if there are MORE people walking by than YOU and your staff can individually talk to (and there WILL be)? HIRE more people to sell!

(See last weeks updates on continuing to hire( )

I remember one holiday season, there were times when we had THIRTEEN people working at our little cart....all at once! And if we had more space....I would have invited MORE salespeople to join me.

Is it any wonder that we sold more than the next cart in the aisle that only had ONE person working?

Think about it.  At any given moment, we could be talking to thirteen MORE customers than that next cart.

Now, we had one other 'secret weapon' for 'attracting' traffic.

It's been largely a closely guarded secret shared only between small group of cart operators...that is until now! 

I've finally decided to 'open the vault', and let in anyone interested.

The secret is called the 'Instant Traffic Attracter'. And it's another reason my carts have ALWAYS been the highest selling in our malls.

The Instant Traffic Attracter will help literally STOP potential customers in their tracks, and DRAW them to your cart.

Want to find out more about the 'Instant Traffic Attracter'?  Psst...don't tell anyone else!

You can read about it at the following link:

But just a word of caution....if you DO decide to use the 'Instant Traffic Attracter', be SURE to order extra inventory. 

You'll need it!

Brady Flower

P.S. The holiday season goes quick!  To attract more traffic to your cart or kiosk, use the 'Instant Traffic Attracter':

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