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Aim At What You Are Shooting For

Dear Friend,

This past weekend, the PGA Golf tournament was contested up here in the Twin Cities.

If you missed it, Y.E. Yang, became the first golfer to come from behind in the final round of a 'major' golf tournament to beat Tiger Woods.

While the tournament going on, I picked up a book I had bought a while back, "Golf is Not
a Game of Perfect" by Dr. Bob Rotella. Dr. Bob Rotella is famous sports psychologist.

His work is most well known by two books he's written, and by the famous golf clients he's

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In his book, "Golf is Not a Game of Perfect", one of the tips Dr. Bob Rotella offers is to focus your attention on the PRECISE target you are shooting for...

Aiming for precisely what you're shooting for doesn't ALWAYS mean you'll hit your target.

It does, according to Dr. Rotella, greatly ENHANCE one's chances of HITTING the target...

The more precise the target, the sharper the focus, the better the concentration, and not suprisingly, the better the results...

Dr. Rotella says many golfers fall prey to not setting specific targets when making their golf shots...

They don't feel they can hit their shots precisely enough. So they don't bother setting specific targets.

As Dr. Rotella puts it, they are 'sloppy' in setting targets. Not suprisingly, they tend to hit sloppy shots...

I bring this up because I find that many kiosk operators I talk with are also 'sloppy' when setting targets for what they want to accomplish..

When asked what they're shooting for, it often comes out something like this...

"I want to make as much money as possible!"

This kind of target might SOUND good. And it's certainly ambitious.

However... note that it doesn't provide much help in the way of direction.

Imagine now a more specific goal...

"I want to make $10K a month."... or... "I want to make $30K this Xmas."

Simply by being more specific with the target, choices will start to appear.

Choices that will offer an opportunity to make $10K a month... or $30K at Xmas.

Keep these choices.

Other choices won't offer the opportunity you are looking for. Eliminate them.  

By simply being more SPECIFIC with your target, choices will show up... with possible directions you can take to achieve your goal..

Then it's just up to you to decide which choice will help you get there quicker... or faster... or in the way that feels best for you...

Now.... this update is not so much about suggesting WHAT target you should set for yourself.

It's about making whatever target you're shooting for be as specific and precise as possible.

By clarifying what your target it is, you greatly enhance your liklihood of hitting it!

Brady Flower


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