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'Bump' Your Way To Higher Sales

Let me tell you a story about one early December day during my second holiday season in the mall.

I was helping a customer, and I looked over to see one of my saleswoman, Melody, carrying over a sixty dollar 'Heat Pack/Cold Pack' combo purchase to the register.

A moment later, I saw her carry FOUR of these sixty dollar packs to the register.

A moment later carry ANOTHER four of these sixty dollar packs to the register.

And I could see that Melody was trembling ever so slightly. She was paid on commission, and some simple math told me this was a five hundred dollar sale!

A big sale, with pretty healthy commission!

After Melody finished ringing up the sale, and sending her customers on their way, she told me about it.

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She had sold this husband and wife ONE of our sixty dollar heat/cold combo packs.  As she was walking to the register, she simply stopped and asked them....

'Can you think of ANYONE else on your Christmas list who could use one of these....?

The couple thought about it, and decided to get one as a 'stocking stuffer' for everyone in their family. Pretty nice stocking stuffer, eh?

Melody turned a simple sixty dollar sale into a five hundred dollar sale simply by asking if they wanted MORE.

A question like this is commonly called a 'Bump' or 'Add-on' question. In fact, our staff was trained to ask at least FOUR of these 'Bump' or 'Add-on' questions each time a customer committed to a purchase.

An 'Add-on' question is one typically asked AFTER a customer has already committed to a purchase. It is simply another way of asking, 'Do you want more?' Add-on questions can mean thousands of extra sales to a typical cart or kiosk operator.

Yet many businesses (big and small) actually limit the amount of business their customers do with them, by never asking their customers if they would like more.

Customers are LOOKING for gift ideas for MORE than one person. Your product might fit the one person they first thought of. But is it possible that it would fit another? Or another product you carry might fit someone else on the list?

One of simplest ways to literally DOUBLE or TRIPLE your sales is to consistently and systematically ask for 'add-on' sales EACH and EVERY time your customer make a purchase. Now, you might not turn every sale into a five hundred dollar sale.

But you cannot possibly know ahead of time what quantity of your products are right for every customer. 

Believe me, if you can double or triple the size of each sale, it can make a HUGE difference on your bottom line.

When you and your staff ask 'bump' or 'add-on' questions, you will be pleasantly surprise by how many customers take you up on the offer!

Brady Flower
The Kiosk Expert

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