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Find NEW and Proven Product Ideas... Secrets of Successful Mall Entreprenuers... AND tested Marketing Tips... it's all HERE:

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Dear Friend:

I recently conducted a survey online of current and potential cart and kiosk entrepreneurs. I asked for the BIGGEST question they had about starting or running a successful mall cart or kiosk.

One of the most common questions was about finding profitable products to sell in the mall:

"Where do I find the right product?"

This is NOT a question you want to leave to chance.

Picking the right product is the MOST IMPORTANT important decision you make as a Specialty Retailer!

Specialty Retail Report
Worth 100x the cost of subscription!

Where do you look to find profitable products?

If you pick the RIGHT product to sell, you can make all kinds of mistakes, and STILL make a LOT of money. However, if you pick the WRONG product, you can do almost everything RIGHT, and sometimes still have a difficult time making a profit.

The single BEST source for finding a proven product, or finding that hottest and newest product on the market is the Specialty Retail Report magazine!

Each issue of Specialty Retail Report is FILLED with profitable product ideas!

Specialty Retail Report magazine is the best source for finding products you can successfully sell in your mall cart or kiosk! You will find some product ideas that have been profitable sellers for a number of years, and others are new to the market.

When you subscribe to the Specialty Retail Report magazine, you get access to ALL of them!

And once a year, Specialty Retail Report also publishes a Buyers Guide of 'turn-key' concepts. These are companies offer an entire concept for you to choose from!

Secrets of Successful Cart and Kiosk Entrepreneurs!

MY favorite sections each issue the profiles of successful cart or kiosk entrepreneur. You get 'behind the scenes access' to these entrepreneurs. They 'let their hair down' and share the 'secrets' to their success.

It is amazing the number of good ideas that come from these profiles.

For example, in one recent issue, an entrepreneur shared a technique they use that would allow just about ANY cart or kiosk operator to get their rent completely paid for....BEFORE they ever open for business, before they pay their rent each month.

Each issue is FILLED with valuable business information to help you expand or grow your existing business:

  • Find exciting new products
  • Capitalize on the hottest trends
  • Expand to the best high-traffic locations
  • Get the best price on merchandise and services
  • Learn inside sales secrets to keep employees motivated
  • Draw more customers with improved product selection
  • Discover established marketing techniques to help you attract more customers

New Product Ideas

The cost to subscribe is suprisingly LOW!

If you find just ONE product that you sell, you will have paid for the cost of subscription 500 times over. When you subscribe, you will hear about any NEW ideas FIRST - and get 'first crack' at them.

It is not ususual to find ONE idea in an issue that is worth 10X, or 100X (or even more) the cost of subscription!

Specialty Retail Report is published quarterly, 4 times a year. You get the Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter issues.

If you are considering opening a cart or kiosk, it is WELL worth the investment to subscribe today!

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More benefits to subscription to Specialty Retail Report Magazine:

  • Review over 50 retail turnkey concepts in each issue
  • Discover the country's top retail locations
  • Get the best price on insurance, credit card processing, and other services
  • Learn about cash flow, inventory control and motivating employees
  • Get the competitive advantage you deserve
  • Connect with the only industry publication that covers products, services and locations
  • Access tips on visual merchandising

Business Profiles

Specialty Retail Report magazine gives you a way to stay connected to profitable products, and methods of successful cart and kiosk entrepreneurs.

If you own a cart or kiosk business, or are thinking about starting one, and don't currently subscribe, click any of the links on the page to subscribe today!

Brady Flower

Specialty Retail Report - Only $49.95 for one year - four quarterly issues!

Please note: Your first issue will be sent IMMEDIATELY!

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