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'Just Browsing at The Mall?
That's What YOU Think!'

Dear Friend,

I spent all day out of town at a conference today. And I'll be in sessions every day through next Sunday.

Before I headed off to bed tonight, I wanted to direct your attention to an excellent article I read on the plane on Friday.

It's in the weekend edition of the USA Today newspaper, and entitled...

'Just Browsing at the mall?  That's what YOU think!'

Brady Flower has FREE Kiosk Profit tips for you!

It's a useful article on the process some successful mall retailers have created to 'LURE' customers into buying from them. 

The article contains MANY ideas that can be 'borrowed' by any cart or kiosk retailer to enhance their success. It's probably still on the newsstands if you act quick!

'As you step in the door of a retail store... you're probably being LURED to shop and spend in ways so SUBTLE you probably don't know what's happening to you!'

'Retailers know HOW you'll approach a store... WHERE you'll hesitate, how to affect your MOOD, how to pique your DESIRES, how to PLAY to your aspirations.'

'EVERYTHING... is meant in some way to get you to... SPEND!'

The article goes on to detail several methods successful mall retailers use to CAUSE customers to buy!

You don't have to have a STORE to have a detailed PROCESS for creating sales... many successful carts and kiosks do the same thing!

It's one reason products sold by demonstration, or presentation, are often SOOOO successful.

The sales PROCESS for items like this is 'scripted'... from the moment a customer approaches your cart or kiosk... to the moment customers they get the product out of the bag at home.

'It's like a broadway musical'...

... marketing expert Deborah Mitchell is quoted in the article...

... 'Nothing was put into that musical that wasn't thought through.'

'It's the same in a highly orchestrated retail environment.'

Do YOU sell via demontration or presentation? 

If not, add an element of demonstration...'ll sell more, and to more customers!

Brady Flower
The Kiosk Expert

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